Why Home Sights

Backed by the Lowcountry's Largest Local Builder

Home Sights is the culmination of over ten years of expertise from Hunter Quinn Homes, a distinguished home builder serving clients in South Carolina's Lowcountry since 2013. Hunter Quinn Homes stands out as a "hometown builder," offering the perfect blend of exceptional service and quality found with local builders, and the efficiencies and buying power typically associated with national builders.

Our commitment to refining and perfecting our plans over a decade has allowed us to become incredibly nimble, making precise adjustments based on our extensive experience. Home Sights was established to meet the needs of homeowners who want to build on their land without the intricacies and price point of a fully custom home.

    Crafting Your Vision, Within Reach

    Home Sights: Where Personalization Feels Like Home

    We understand that the decision to build a home is a huge one. A home is so much more than walls and a roof, and even more than just a place to sleep, eat, and play. Your home will be the stage for countless shared celebrations, meals, and the simple joys of everyday life. It is a backdrop for the milestones you’ll reach and memories you’ll make for years to come. 

    Home should be a reflection of you—your style, your personality, and your journey. At Home Sights, we believe that the dream of a personalized home should not be reserved for those seeking fully custom options. We help bridge this gap using our proven floor plans, experienced team, and the ability to pass along Hunter Quinn Homes’ volume pricing advantages. Home Sights is the perfect avenue if you believe in tailoring your living space to feel more connected, more at home, and uniquely yours, all without compromising on quality or budget.

      Home Sights Offers…

      Experienced Craftsmanship:

      Home Sights is backed by a decade of expertise from Hunter Quinn Homes, ensuring that your home is built with precision and care.

      Proven Floor Plans:

      Choose from a curated selection of tried-and-true floor plans, saving you time and ensuring a successful build.

      A Team of Experts:

      Our expansive team brings together professionals with a deep understanding of the building process, ensuring a seamless experience.

      Competitive Pricing:

      Leveraging the efficiency of Hunter Quinn’s production homes, we pass along cost savings to you, delivering a high-quality home at a reasonable price.

      A Personal Touch:

      With Home Sights, you're not a number; you're a valued partner. Experience a personal touch throughout the building process and make your home uniquely yours with expansive selection options.

      Home Sights is NOT

      Cookie-Cutter Construction:

      Avoid generic homes; each Home Sights build is crafted to suit your vision and lifestyle.

      Limiting Choices:

      Enjoy flexibility in personalization, ensuring your home is uniquely yours, not just a variation of someone else's.

      Overwhelming Processes:

      Home Sights simplifies the building journey, avoiding unnecessary complexities and stress. We handle everything from lot preparation to closing.

      Exorbitant Costs:

      Home Sights provides transparency and affordability without compromising on quality.

      Impersonal Transactions:

      Prioritize meaningful connections, ensuring your home building experience is as unique as your dream home itself.

      The Team

      Chris Counts

      Division President - Lowcountry

      Chad Bryant

      Division President - Upstate

      Chad Murdock

      General Manager - Lowcountry

      Jesse Champion

      General Manager - Upstate

      Ella Beresford

      Online Sales Consultant

      Anna Allen

      New Home Consultant

      Courtney Alexander

      New Home Consultant

      Christina Sanchez

      New Home Consultant

      Madison Artman

      Design Consultant

      Mark Evans

      Project Manager

      Shane Campbell

      Project Manager

      Chris Pircher

      Project Manager

      David Hoeffler

      Project Manager

      Denton Kerr

      Purchasing Manager

      Wanda Brown

      Permitting Coordinator


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